About Me

My name is Cindy…I am happily married to Andy.  We have 3 kids..Devin, 10, Alex, 7, Aiden 3.  We also have 3 dogs…Loki, a Bernese Mountain Dog, Mr. Blue, a Newfoundland, and Chosie, our almost 16 year old Golden mix.  We live in North Carolina.



  1. You’ve done a good job with page. I enjoyed reading your posts and looking at those two gorgeous dogs. You’re right about the dog park…I guess sometimes I’m the self-appointed policeperson. I’ll examine my conscience.

  2. Great work Cindy! You have really put a lot into this blog. Wow!

  3. Added! I also added you to the list of Newf Blogs on newf.net!

  4. Hi. Holly The Newf here. I’m a 3 year old Newfoundland living in Western MD. I do therapy dog work through Therapy Dogs International. My human and I just found your blog. We love Newfs and Bernese Mnt Dogs! We saw both breeds pulling carts when we participated in the Williamsburg VA Christmas parade. Check out the video on my site. I have a blog too at HollyTheNewf.Wordpress.com . Stop by and post a comment. I’ll pass your blog along to my Newfie friends. Nice to meet you!

  5. Cindy,
    I really enjoy your blog. I am the one with Sadie and can’t wait to meet your Mr. Blue and Loki in April. (And you too.) LOL

  6. Congtats to Loki. First time out and came home with 2 blue ribbons. Not sure if Sadie will ever do that. We have the first class down and hope to continue. See you in class.

  7. Hi there Cindy! I caught your blog earlier from one of our PE friends and couldn’t find it – was thinking of you today and found it in the forum! It’s a great blog. Your dogs are beautiful! Can’t believe how big Loki is already – I’m envious, Newfs and Bernies have always been two of my favorites! Hope all is well with the kiddos!

  8. Hi there I live in Charlotte – I’m on Newf Net as Panthernewf! I don’t have a Newf currently – my Cookie passed in March. Great blog and great pics of your family and the fur babies, too.
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Fudge, the TN newf here! Love these pictures and would like to have a Berner for a playmate but have to deal with a saint bernard and 2 mixed breeds for now! Great pictures……

  10. Hi, my name is also Cindy and I have a brown Newf and a Bernese. We are also getting a black Newf in 10 days and we can’t wait! We do water rescue and draught work with the dogs and we hope to show Domino, the little one. Our Berner was born in Canada but we moved to the UK 2 years ago and we all flew together. Love your blog!

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