Posted by: bernernewf | January 6, 2011


I still get so sad over the loss of Loki.  Lately, it has been hitting hard again.  It has been nearly 6 1/2 months.  The bad vet is hiring.  My husband occasionally bugs me to get a job, I told him I would love to work at a vet’s office.  Not that one of course.  Just driving by there every single day (it is really close to my house) is so hard.  To remember them bringing me into the room.  I thought that I had to have misunderstood the morning they called me to tell me they found him dead.  I thought when I got there, he would wake up.  He did not.  I thought my crying over him, would make him wake up for me.  He was such a beautiful dog.  He may not have been a show dog, but he was a gorgeous dog that got compliments from everyone.  I wish I had magic tears like in the movie Tangled, that crying on him would have woken him up.  It is still so hard.  Easier than it was of course, but still so hard.  I loved him so so much.  And he was so young.  It is not like he was old, or sick.  He was not even 3.  He had a few stitches in his ear.  

I have been watching the show Pit Bulls and Parolees.  It is actually quite the good show.   They often have dogs on there that were used for dog fighting, or as bait dogs.  There was one I saw on a show that I watched today, it was a bulldog girl used as the bait dog.  They showed pictures of her when she was found.  She had puncture wounds all over her body.  Even internally (her lung).  Bite marks, sores, open holes.  Yet, she did not die.  I will never ever ever understand why Loki died.


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