Posted by: bernernewf | July 27, 2010

Loki. “So it goes.”*

I was not planning on posting this, as I do not have the heart, but I know people check this blog from time to time, who probably are not aware of what happened.  On June 24th, a Thursday, later afternoon, Loki and Blue got in a minor scuffle, I ended it immediatley, as did they.  Except, that Loki’s ear was torn.  This stuff happens.  He was bleeding, a lot.  I took him straight to the vet, they had to keep him so that they could stitch up his ear.  I picked him up the next morning, his ears were bandaged down to his head.  He was hating this.  Within minutes, he shook everything off, busting the stitches.  I took him right back, they *insisted* on keeping him again, and wanted to keep him through the weekend.  I agreed willingly to keep him Friday night, but told them I would want to bring him home Saturday morning.  I called Saturday morning, and everyone encouraged me to leave him there, at the vet’s office.  He was still messing around, and we did not want to end up at the emergency clinic off and on, or anything further to happen to his ears.  So I left him.  I missed him, whined to my husband to go bust him out, was singing off and on Saturday “come home Loki, come home Loki, come home”. 

Sunday morning, we were just sitting down to breakfast.  The phone rings.  I answer it, it is the vet’s office.  I could tell by the voice, and the hesitation, that something was wrong.  The only words the vet got out were “Cindy, the girls found Loki…”” upon, that I whipped the phone at my husband and started screaming.  I saw the look on his face, and knew that what they were trying to tell me was true. 

Loki died sometime that Saturday/Sunday.  Except we will never know WHEN, because when they left him Saturday, at 1 p.m., they did not return to him till Sunday at 7 a.m..  Not one single time.  They admitted this to me.  I doubt it would have made a difference, and I doubt it would have made a difference if he was home.  An infection set into his bloodstream, and he died of myocarditis, and infection to the heart, that caused a fatal arrythmia.   Those were the necropy results.  Except, that we will never what bacteria, or where it came from.  Because I knew in my hysterics at the vet’s office, that he would need a necropsy.  I did not know that the vet would start it immediatly after me leaving.  When I got home and called his breeder, she said to call back and tell them to send Loki to the state lab for his necropsy.  Which they did, but they started on him, which “muddied the waters”. 

So it goes.  I loved that dog with all my heart.  It has been just over a month, and my heart is still broken.  I have forced myself to get over all the torture I put myself through the first couple weeks, the what if’s, the should haves, etc.  I have had to force myself not to think of my bestest friend in the world, who never spent more than a few hours alone, there for that long.   It caused me much anxiety and physical symptoms as well as emotional. 

I do not know why this had to happen.  It was a minor dog fight, these things happen.  Dogs ears get torn, flopping around, bound to happen.  Dogs do not die from that. 

I am filing a complaint against the vet.  Maybe the state board can find fault with them, concrete fault.  But what we do know for sure is that it is quite inhumane to leave an animal, especially one under their care, no matter how minor the problem is for 18 hours. 

This vet’s practice is West Shore Animal Hospital in Denver, NC.  Dr. Lynn Reed, and Dr. Miller.  Please leave an email to me if you have ever had something bad happen with these vets.  He had practices elswhere in the state.

Loki’s 3rd birthday is next week.  August 4th.  He was not even 3.  He had a very bright future ahead of him, he needed one leg of his CDX, we were entered in a draft trial in September, we were very far in Utility training (proofing stages of most of it).  We had lots of plans.  Now he is gone. 

I just don’t know what else to say.  Except I loved that dog with all my heart.

*”So it goes”, is from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5 book.



  1. Cindy my heart aches for you. I heard of Loki’s passing on the L but no idea what happened. I’m crying tears for you – there are no words for this situation. I hope that vet never practices again. Loki was a beautiful boy.

  2. Cindy, I heard about Loki on the Performance List and also from my friend Beth Schmoyer who has a Trillium Dog. When you train with a dog as you and Loki have done you create a wonderful bond with that dog. I have thought of you so often recently.
    My Dante finished his CDX and we were working in utility when he tore his ACL and had to have surgery thus finishing his obedience career. I was feeling kind of sorry for us until I thought of you and Loki. I am so sorry for what happened to Loki and i know he will be in your heart forever.
    I cannot believe that a Vet office would not check on a dog in their care overnight I hope you are successful in lodging a complaint against this terrible Vet.

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