Posted by: bernernewf | February 13, 2010

Top Obedience Novice A Dog for 2009!!!!

Was notified today that my own Loki dog was awarded Top Obedience Novice A dog for 2009 through the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America!!!!  This is extremely exciting news to me, and something so totally unexpected!  I knew we did well with our CD, but never imagined that well!!!!! 

Special thanks to Loki’s breeder, Laurie Farley of Trillium Kennels for breeding such a wonderful and intelligent dog. 

And to Suzanne Fairbairn for all her guidance, training, coaching, friendship in helping Loki and I attain our goals!!!!!



  1. Wow! What wonderful news!

    Congratulations Cindy and Loki.

  2. so proud of bfad

  3. Congratulations to the both of you! Give Loki some berner bumps from Scout! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Loki, nice to meet you. xx Major

  5. That is extremely wonderful and you have right to be very proud.
    Congratulations to you both, as it is a team accomplishment.

  6. Fantastic achievement, you both did a very nice work, I’m sure. Loki is beautiful and clever, so please, keep up the good work in the future as well :).
    You can read about the traits of other bernese dogs here.
    Best wishes

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