Posted by: bernernewf | February 1, 2010

First Tracking Class for Loki!

Loki had his first tracking class today.  It went well.  He seemed to like it, even if his article indication is to sniff it then sit on it!  I guess that works.  We did one track first for article indication, which was to let the dogs find each article, and praise them when they did.  He did quite well with this.  The second track was a straight line, with a few articles.  He got hung up on one article, he kept wanting to grab it….but once he figured out to get to the next one, which was also the last, he raced over and flung it up in the air!  There are just a few pictures….


With practice, Loki has learned to leave my side on the “track” command, track to the article, grab it and sit.  He likes to fling the article in the air, so this is fine, but I would prefer him to hold it till I catch up to him.  Second tracking class was raining and cold.  We do not have class for another 3 weeks, hopefully we will get some more practice in!


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