Posted by: bernernewf | November 18, 2009

U-CD Trillium’s Smoky Mtn. Mischief CD, CGC, TDI

Loki also passed his therapy dog test the other night.  I will more than likely wait till he is a little older.  He just turned 2 and is still quite bouncy.   He is a very sweet dog, but he is still apt to be a spazz! 

Now, if I could get the vaccination stuff worked out, I can send in the paperwork.  They want receipts or labels for the vaccines that both breeders and I did ourselves, and have done only titers, no boosters.  I am hoping to get a more knowledgable person when I call Therapy Dogs International today.   We follow the Dodd’s vaccine protocol, which is very very limited vaccinations.  We did parvo/distemper, then titers.  And rabies.  That is it.



  1. Hi Cindy
    Flurry is getting his paperwork done also for TDI & we do titers. My vet just fills that in & I think she attaches a copy of the titer results or she writes that in.
    I have to get a poop sample in for Flurry, on thing he hasn’t had in the past year!

    You will enjoy visiting.


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