Posted by: bernernewf | November 17, 2009


We had our first draft trials Halloween weekend in Atlanta.  Unfortunatley, we did not pass either day.  The first day, during the manuevering course, our change of pace from slow to normal was not good enough… we did not pass.  The test is pass/fail.  Sunday,  there was no transition at all….it was hot and sunny by time it was our turn, and Loki tends to shut down and not listen.  He did not listen to me on the freight haul either.  By this point, he was very  mad at me I am sure for doing this to him 2 days in a row, he loves drafting, but the waiting around all day mostly in  a crate he does not care for.  I am sure that the 3 minute sit stay attached to a cart in full bright hot sunlight did not help, after that, he would not even look at me.

We had our first Open obedience trial on Thursday.  Loki qualified with a score of 188 1/2, and took first place.  It was very exciting, and Open A has an extremely high failure rate, especailly for first time dogs.  That particular day, 2/5 passed.  On Saturday, 4/20 qualified.  On Sunday, we went back for our 2nd trial….Loki did a wonderful job, but he did not drop for the drop on recall…I think I messed him up by focusing on the judge rather than Loki…the judge gives signals, and we were second dog in, so I did not have time with only the one dog before us to study the judges signal, so that left me watching the dog….this has thrown Loki off before in practice when the trainer acted as judge. 

We will not be showing again until January shows.  There are a few shows that we will enter, so I suspect we will earn our title in January.  We will also take this two months to clean up his heeling.  We consistently lose 3 points on heeling…which I am generally fine with, but there is no reason for him to not heel in the ring as he does in practice,  which is quite nicely. 

Blue will be showing in early February in his first Novice trial.  It is being held at the training club where Blue trains.  This should give him a huge advantage in being very comfortable in the building.  So I am excited for big Blue’s first trials….



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