Posted by: bernernewf | October 11, 2009

U-CD Trillium’s Smoky Mtn. Mischief CD, CGC

Loki got his UKC CD today!  We had our first trial yesterday… was fine, could have done better.  Our score was 190.5.  Today was much much better!   We scored a 196 1/2 and got second place!  He far exceeded my expectations today.  Our goal was 194. 

So next weekend it is Grad Novice in Simpsonville, SC.  This will be a little bit more of a challenge.  There are 4 recalls:  one over the broad jump, one over the high jump, a drop on recall, and a recall while holding a dumbbell.  I do not anticipate any problems with the two jumping ones.  The other two could potentially be a problem though.  We shall see! 

The best things out of these trials:  huge improvement on figure 8’s, no bumps on the front, and no squishing up on me on the finish.  About turns were an issue yesterday, but not so much today.  Today the big thing (as well as yesterday) were sit-at halts out of heel position.  We had these worked out for the trials prior to this one…so not sure what happened.


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