Posted by: bernernewf | September 29, 2009

Getting Ready

For the Chatahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club draft test that is.  We have been practicing.  We have been to a run-through.  I have the entry sent in.  I have the hotel reservation made.   The test is back to back  on Halloween and the day after.  It will be outside of Atlanta.  Hopefully I make it home in time for trick or treating.  Hopefully we pass the first day!  Loki is very confident in his cart, and is doing well with tight turns and commands.  Of course all that changes when in “the ring”.  I did have some videos taken of us at our run-through…..I made some mistakes….I guided him with the leash a few times, and did not take advantage of being able to talk, heck sing if I wanted to, to keep his attention.  It was also blazing hot and sunny, and he tends to not work in that sort of weather!  I have been taking him outside in the bright sun to have him heel, so that he knows that he does indeed have to work in the sun and heat.  Hopefully it will not be sunny and hot on draft test day.  I would prefer freezing temps!  He will work in that.

The boy can back up!!! 

This one he did not pay attention to my “slow” command, cause he was making a desperate attempt to find shade!  This caused us to just have to bust right through that figure 8….which was no problem!  I think I had a tight leash though.  He ignored the Great Pyr outside the ring….

That’s it….I was pretty pleased.  Since this, I have been making sure that I keep the leash in my right hand, and not use it at all.


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