Posted by: bernernewf | September 29, 2009

Fall Plans for Loki

First of all, Blue is still in training!   He is learning the cart.  He seems to enjoy this, so now we work on commands and maneuvering. 

Loki, however, has a busy schedule.  We have two UKC trials coming up in Fountain Inn, SC.  He has one leg of his U-CD.   He also will be heading to Simpsonville, SC for an AKC trial, for Grad Novice.   Grad Novice is stepping stone between Novice and Open.  We will hopefully be read for Open in December…depends on how he does with the Grad Novice.  We also have a draft trial, see below.  And will hopefully finish out Grad Novice in November in Asheville and Concord. 

We entered two UKC trials 2 weeks ago in Hickory, NC.  Me, myself and I NQ’ed us the first day…I set up Loki for the recall over the jump, went over the other side, promptly called him over.  Problem was, I did not wait for the judge to tell me to call him!  So that was an automatic NQ.  Why it was not just a handler error is beyond me.  We would have otherwise had a 190 and 3rd place.  The second day we placed with a 3rd place and a score of 191.5.  Loki’s ears were bothering him, and he shook his head alot.  I also did not set him up straight for the jump as I should have. 

Blue is in a Novice class, and hopefully we can get him ready to show in January.  He is a challenge!!!  He is not terribly food motivated, and does not take corrections very well…..but we will ge there.  Loki is so easy.


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