Posted by: bernernewf | August 30, 2009

Blue’s First Draft Lesson!

Blue tried out pulling the cart for the first time yesterday.  He was a bit skittish at first, trying to figure out what that thing was attached to his butt!  He had worn the harness a few times with no issue, he had dragged the traces around without issue.  So we hitched him up.  It did not take long for him to enjoy it….tail wagging high!  So this morning we brought him out again, and he did even better.  We walked up and down the cul-de-sac, and did a couple of big circles.  I got him to back about 6 inches.  He can back up pretty far without the cart, so hopefully he will be able to with the cart.  He is learning Drop On Recall, and one of the things we do is back up and then “drop”. 

Here are some videos of the big guy.  Andy was working with him, because he is better than me at dealing with any sort of skittish behavior, I tend to panic as soon as the dog does.  Though I could tell that Blue would have preferred to be handled by me! 

Andy pretty much refuses to give treats, but does give lots of praise, which works just as well.   I would have given him a few more treats if it was me handling him, especially making the turns to lure him into them more.  Hopefully next week Blue will feel comfortable enough for me to work with, with Andy assisting. 

I think Blue did great for his first time!  What a good boy!



  1. Very cute, even the white guy has some schwagger

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