Posted by: bernernewf | July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Our neighborhood had a 4th of July parade this morning, so we decorated Loki’s cart and walked him in the parade.  He did a very good job!  He kept his attention on me most of the time, despite other dogs, bikes, strollers, lots of people and kids….and a firetruck blasting its sirens.  That did not even phase Loki.  Unfortunatley, I can not walk the dog and take pictures, so I do not have hardly any decent pictures, and only one 10 second long video. 

Me & Loki and his cart

Me & Loki and his cart


Happily Pulling Away

Loki Pulling Aiden

Loki Pulling Aiden

Cruising along...

Cruising along...

Pulling Aiden

Pulling Aiden



  1. I love it, maybe he can pull my kids around for me. Very cute, just make sure you work on his up close and personal nose breathing. Baby brat is scared of dogs that are not his if they are big. So be prepared for some crying until he feels secure.

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