Posted by: bernernewf | June 7, 2009

Trillium’s Smoky Mtn. Mischief CD, CGC

We did it!  We got our CD today!   We scored a 194 and took 1st place again. 

All of our hard work payed off big time….we did it in 3 trys, with 3 scores in the 190’s (well, 190, 191, 194) and with 3 first place finishes.   

Loki is horribly itchy right now, and his ear was bothering him (he got water in it the other day)…he shook his head while heeling on lead, so we lost points there.  4 overall for on lead heeling, 1 for off lead heeling, and one for the recall, he bumped me with his nose, and either he sat crooked at front, or he mushed into me on the finish….

I did have a picture taken with the judge by a professional with the new title sign , once I get it in the mail, I will post it.  I did not have my camera when I needed it.

Oh, and we won 10 dollars!!!  I guess I will let Loki spend it!

Now, it is onwards and upwards to Open!  We have been working on these skills for a little bit now, though I did give up on the Drop on Recall traning till we got our CD.   I did not want him to get confused, so we put it on hold.  And he loves to jump, and is a good jumper, and retrieving, he has an awesome fun retrieve…just have to work on making it formal.    My husband will be building me a high jump.  We have a bar and broad that he built.



  1. That is fantastic for BFAD. We are soooooo proud of him. Now if you can only get him to stop goosing people. Give him a big hug and smooch from the Erskine’s

  2. Awesome!!! Congrats on your new title.

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