Posted by: bernernewf | May 15, 2009

Starting the Next Level

We have started some training for the next level of obedience:  Open.  This is for the title of CDX.  It involves jumps and retrieves, and retrieving over jumps.  Loki loves to jump and retrieve, so I think this will be a lot of fun for both of us. 

My husband has built us a bar jump and a broad jump.  He will build us a high jump soon.  Loki gets crazy when the dumb bell comes out!  He LOVES it.  I had him heeling around the house the other day while holding his dumb bell. 

We have worked on,  a few times, putting him in a sit-stay, throwing the dumb bell over the jump, me sending him to get it.  Him getting it, comeing back over the jump, sitting at front, and me taking the dumb bell for him.   Of course this all has to be polished up, and we need to do some of the smaller steps of getting there.  But I think it is pretty impressive!  Of course, I am easily impressed.  We started the baby steps today for the broad jump, and also for the Drop on Recall part of the exercise. 

November or December of this year is our goal for our first attempt for the CDX title.  Summer will make it tricky…but our bonus room is very long, long enough to set up all 3 jumps in.  And it will be nicely cooled in there, and it is a thick berber rug for carpet.    Open training is much more difficult, but I hope since Loki loves jumping and retrieving, that we will not have so difficult a time at it.  I could be delusional! 

Mr. Blue I am still working on the basics on.  He has a nice recall, his heeling is coming along, his stays are great, and he is learning to stand and stay, and the finish.  I need to set a goal for him…..have not decided yet.  We are working on getting him to hold a dumb bell or bumper so we can attempt Water Dog training.  He is not a fan of retrieving, and he is a very soft dog, so it is hard to do some of the faster, though harsher, methods to teach retrieving.  The method we are using is one that my trainer used on a SharPei once, and had success.   It seems to be working a little bit better.

Open (CDX)

1) Drop on recall -Dog lies down on command while in motion.

 2) Heel free and figure 8 -Same as in Novice level.

 3) Broad jump -The length of the jump is double that of the high jump for the dog.

 4) Retrieve on flat -Dog retrieves a dumbell.

 5) Retrieve over high jump -Jump length is 1 1/4 times the dog’s height at the shoulder.

 6) Long sit -Must be completed for a 3 minute period of time with handler out of sight.

 7) Long down -Must be completed for a 5 minute period of time with handler out of sight.



  1. Bosley is a softer dog too and was never interested in retrieving. I bought the book “The Clicked Retriever” by Lana Mitchell and I have a lot of success training the retrieve using this method. Bosley loves his dumbbell now and the book breaks every step down in detail, so that in the end (hopefully) we will have a very nice retrieve.

  2. Never say Never! My Novice A Berner became U-CDX Galileo’s Blue Moon Zoey UD, Can. CDX — And you have a young dog — take your time and enjoy the journey!

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