Posted by: bernernewf | May 5, 2009


Loki & I are headed to Columbia, SC entering our first Obedience Trials this coming Saturday and Sunday.  All of our work for the past year and some months will hopefully pay off.  Our last couple days of training have been pretty rough, with Loki either forgetting what to do, or doing it completely wrong.  Advice has been to take a day or two off from training.  I guess I will heed that advice….it is not doing either of us any good if one of is nervous (me) and the other bored (him). 

I have been working with Blue a lot more lately on formal obedience.  He is doing quite well…until we go somewhere new, then he sort of shuts down.  But we are working on this.  I brought them both to open ring training last week (where you work in the building independently with your dog, no instruction from the trainer), and he was horribly distracted.  And it was probably close to 90 degrees in the building.    I alternate between dogs, but neither wanted to work this particular evening with the heat.  I tried an outside area, but where we train is used as a doggy day care during the day, and there were piles of poo outside, and on the outdoor carpet the smell of pee was overwhelming.  Which means the dogs are overwhelmed trying to decide where to sniff first! 

Anyway, for those who do not know what I am talking about, and want to know, here is what is required for an AKC CD (Companion Dog) title:

Novice (CD)

1) Heel on leash and figure 8 -Includes sitting at halt, speed changes and about turns.


2) Heel off leash and figure 8 -Same as #1, but done off leash.


3) Recall -Come when called from sit/stay position 35’ away.


4) Stand for examination -Done off leash with handler 6’ away.


5) Long sit -Done off leash with a group of dogs for at least 1 minute.


6) Long down -Done off leash with a group of dogs for at least 3 minutes


 This is a video I found on Youtube of a well known trainer and her Golden achieving a perfect score of 200.  I do not expect to attain a perfect score, or even near perfect.  A score of 170 is qualifying, I hope to be in the mid 180’s….if we qualify.  I can not put it all on Loki, most mistakes are handler error.

Wish us luck!  Hopefully my nerves do not get in the way!  And hopefully when it says the building is air conditioned, that they mean it! 



  1. Sending lots of wishes your way for a good trial and for an air conditioned building.

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