Posted by: bernernewf | March 8, 2009

Loving the Lake!

We live waterfront on Lake Norman, a gigantic lake in North Carolina spanning many counties.   Yesterday I was brave and took both dogs to our pier to let the dogs go swimming.  Neither dog would jump off the pier; Loki however fell in and swam under the pier, making me think he was stuck under there!  I was screaming frantically for Andy to come help me when I saw Loki happily swimming to shore.  Andy wanted to know what the hell I thought he would do, I said jump in and save him of course!  Loki swam a lot last year, and I was happy to see that he has continued his love of swimming.   Loki is doing really well at retrieving in the water, Mr. Blue not so much.  Blue will swim out to the bumper, but generally he leaves it there.  He did have fun retrieving sticks till Loki came and stole them! 









The view from our pier:


Hard to believe that last weekend started 6 inches of snow and freezing weather.  Today it was 75 degrees!


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