Posted by: bernernewf | February 23, 2009

40 Acres and a Mule…

Or really just 10 acres and 2 big dogs!  We recently made an offer on 10 acres of land, and will be closing in March.  The acreage is about 20 minutes from where we live now, we will be 20 minutes closer to Charlotte, 20 minutes closer to Andy’s work.   The acreage is in a subdivision that has about 100 houses, and then one private road with 7 10-acre lots on it.  That is where we will be.  It is a very nice location…the kids will have easy access to the neighborhood, as well as a few other neighborhoods nearby.  It was not easy to find this acreage….there is a lot of scary stuff out there when you start looking for land.  One of the listings sent to us had as it’s one and only restriction:  no commercial chicken farms.  Now, to me there is a lot that can go on between normal residence and commercial chicken farm.  Another listing really cracked me up:  it actually had the phrase “you might can be able to” fix up the house that currently does not have a heating system.    Interesting.

Unfortunatley, we do have to wait until the market is better to sell our house, so we will not be building for maybe 2 years.  But we can still have lots of fun now.  Andy plans on “blazing” trails through the property for now.  We have a dirt bike and 4-wheeler that we never use.  The kids can ride their motorcyles and mountain bikes as well.     Here are a few pictures of the dogs and kids  romping around the land.  There is a big creek on the property, they had a blast racing through it.  I did not have a blast cleaning my car afterwards! 






10 acres is a lot of land!


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