Posted by: bernernewf | February 22, 2009


My Loki has a bump on top his snout.  We went to the vet on Friday, they got a small and crappy sample from the bump.   The Vet did not like what she saw, even from this small and crappy sample.  We could be looking at a mast cell tumor here.  Loki is having a biopsy tomorrow morning.  I am frightened and upset beyond belief. 

Loki is only 18 months old.  Bernese Mountain Dogs are very, very, very prone to a very, very, very large variety of cancers.  

*It could possibly be a histiocytoma, or absolutely nothing.  But the presence of mast cells and granules is not a very good sign.  I will be hoping for nothing.



  1. Ill keep my fingers crossed that everything is ok. Diana

  2. Cootie, you did not mention that to me on the phone. I am sorry to hear that, keep me informed. Why did you not tell me?

    Hey what web-site should I check out for the medicine for Clyde to help control his craziness?

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