Posted by: bernernewf | February 19, 2009

And I think MY dogs are strong….

Today I was picking my daughter Devin up at her friend’s house.  As we were leaving, I noticed a man walking his collie dog.   Then I noticed that a huge Great Dane was galloping (how else can you describe a Great Dane running???) up behind them.  I rolled down the window and called out to the man to watch out.  I can tell he was irritated at that point, evidently he has a dog-aggressive dog and the Dane, whose name is Lily, had been pestering them for a while on their walk.  I know Lily, as my Loki had a few playdates with her.  They are only a month apart.  I have not seen Lily in probably close to a year.  Lily has grown to horse size proportions.  Anyway, I got out of my car to try to catch Lily, because I know for a fact they have a fenced yard.  I also had a leash handy.  So with the help of another person we got the leash on Lily, and I called the owners from my cell phone.  Turns out they were just leaving to go look for her.  I figured I would start heading towards their house.  NOT!  I happened to have a 10 foot lead that she was on, but she decided to run with my right behind her.  I seriously felt, I don’t know, my life flash before my eyes????  She just took off, I lost the leash—it all happened so fast, I did not even realize it was happening–ever see the I think it is a PetSmart commercial, where it is a man just being dragged along by his dog?  That could have been me.   Fortunatley the owners drove up at the same time, but it took them another 5 minutes to get her. 

Lily is almost 1 1/2 years old now.  I know for a fact that they do not walk her, EVER.  Because no one can walk her.  Not without getting dragged (literally) down the street.  I know they do not take her out, for the same reason.   It is no wonder she is a crazed beast.   A little training goes a long way.  She could have been hit by a car.  The sad thing is, her littermate lives in our same nieghborhood, and it is the same story with her.  No training, and no one can walk her either.  Pretty sad.  She gets out of her house regularly too.  I tried to help corral her one day.   She had traffic blocked while she galloped around the entrance to our neighborhood. 

Anyway, I just believe that basic training is a must with all dogs, but especially with big dogs.  It is really a shame that neither of these Danes get out (well, planned), even for a walk.



  1. Oh no! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.

    My Echo while trained, just about dragged me through a corn field after a cat.

    We were walking along the road at our cottage and this cat ran across the road and into the field. Echo lunged down into the ditch on her 6ft leash, I fell flat on face. My mom who was with myself and my two little ones sat on me to prevent me from being dragged, although Echo wasn’t going anywhere at that point having lost site of the cat. We were laughing so hard my mom couldn’t stand to get off of me. What a sight!

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