Posted by: bernernewf | February 5, 2009

Loki Mans Up

Loki finally decided not to be the “prison bitch” of the dog park today.  This is what he was termed by some fellow dog park-ers, because, well, he was the bitch of the dog park.  All dogs want to hump him.  Despite his size, despite that I would not exactly call him submissive, nor dominant.  I think he is just so big, that maybe it did not bother him to have other smaller dogs humping various parts of his body.  Well today he finally manned up.  There is one repeat offender that just can not keep himself off of Loki…his name is Cyrus, an 11 month old German Shepard.   Cyrus met the business end of Loki today….that being Loki’s giant head, and Loki’s giant teeth.  Nothing bad happened, just a lot of teeth showing and growling.   And no other dogs humped Loki today either!  It was a very proud moment for me.  Nobody bothers Mr. Blue….if someone attempts to hump him, he lets them know that he is not OK with that.  

Despite it being about 20 degrees while I was there for two hours, there were lots of dogs.  It was so cold that Mr. Blue’s drool formed icicles.  The dogs of course loved the cold and the little bit of snow on the ground.   I decided that when my face was frozen into a permanent smile and my toes felt as though they were going to fall off, it was time to go.   I took a few pictures.





The above picture is Sherman, he is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees.  He has a sister (littermate) named Tula.  They are both very sweet dogs.  Though they did tag team hump Loki last time at we saw them, but not this time.   Interesting fact:  Great Pyrenees have a triple dewclaw on their rear paws.  It is really freaky looking to see, but I guess it had its purpose long ago.   This dog is much bigger than Loki, however Loki has such humongous paws, that they are far bigger than Sherman’s. 


And above is one last one of Mr. Blue….I swear he is getting taller and taller.



  1. You go Loki!

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