Posted by: bernernewf | February 4, 2009

The Tennis Court

Had the brilliant idea to take Devin and the two dogs to the tennis court to train today.  I figured Devin could work with one dog on one side of the court, and myself with the other dog.  Of course things did not work out this way.  Devin chose Mr. Blue to work with, and since we want to start the water dog training, we are starting to work on land retrieves.  This worked to a point, he would run after the toy that Devin through, she would praise the heck out of him, go to hand him a treat, then he would take off across the court and bring me the toy!!!  Meanwhile, I was trying to work with Loki and his retrieving.  It  just ended up being playtime….which the dogs loved, because it was about 25 degrees out, but Devin and I hated, because it was about 25 degrees out.   I am going to have to start working with one dog at a time, otherwise nothing will get done.  Got some cute pictures though!









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