Posted by: bernernewf | January 21, 2009

Tons of Snow!

We went to Beech Mountain for what was supposed to be a 3 night ski trip.  Mother Nature had other plans for us.  While we welcomed the 10 inches of snow that fell just about overnight, our vehicle could not handle it.  If you plan on doing any mountain trips, do NOT get a Buick Enclave.  While it is a very nice truck, we do not have 4 wheel drive on it.  Here in North Carolina, it is never needed, unless you go to the mountains and have 10 inches of snowfall.  We also opted, well, I should say, I opted for the oversized tires.  This proved to be a problem, in that snow chains were not readily available for our tires.  So, 200 dollars later for cables for our tires, and a loss of money for one night of our cabin, we ended up back home.   Andy did not want to risk going back to our cabin once we finally got up the mountain.  We were stranded for 2 nights there, with 3 kids, and very limited food.  The original plan was to unpack upon arrival, then head back up the mountain to get groceries.  Well, once down, we were not able to make it those 3 miles to the top again.  Thankfully Devin snuck 4 boxes of Mac & Cheese into her suitcase…that is what we ate meal after meal.  We of course never did make it skiing, though Iam not tore up about that.  I do not know how to ski, and have no desire to learn. 

Anyway, we did manage to have fun in all the snow.  The kids used the shovels provided as make-shift sleds, and of course our two cold-weather loving dogs had a blast.  However, unless I can find dog-friendly lodging at the top of the mountain, this may have been their first and last trip to the mountains in winter. 











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