Posted by: bernernewf | January 15, 2009

New Videos

Loki and Mr. Blue playing in the backyard with a jolly ball….it is actually a jolly ball made for horses, if you can even imagine a horse playing with a ball!  I can not, but I guess they do….just like Loki likes to graze like a horse!

Loki and I work on lots of training, as I have mentioned….but doggy daddy Andy has actually been working on the “swing” finish for me…I tried today, and Loki did wonderfully!   Andy’s late mother used to train her Samoyeds at the Utility Dog level of obedience, and the “swing” was one of Andy’s favorite commands.  So I decided to let him train Loki for that! 

And here is another video that was taken today of Loki & I having fun with some of the stuff he knows….he can “roll over” like a champ!  I love it!  We are not perfect, but we try! 



  1. I am really impressed. He is just a baby still and you have never worked at training a dog, yet you are such a great team! He’ll get that CD, no problem.

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