Posted by: bernernewf | January 8, 2009

The Dog Park



I love going to the dog park. My dogs love going to the dog park. We generally go twice a week, while kids are all at school, and stay about 2 hours. This gives them plenty of time to run and play with other dogs. The thing is, my poor Loki is the “bitch” of the dog park. He gets mounted so much it is not even funny. Take today for instance, just about every dog there had a turn at Loki. The owners try to get their dogs off of him….so I can not blame the owners. At one point he had 4 different dogs on him, humping different parts of his body. Why???? He is huge…I would not exactly call him submissive…he really truly seems to enjoy all the “attention”. He is generally bigger than most dogs there…except today, when a brother-sister duo of Great Pyrenees were both on him at the same time, they made Loki look small. Even a 5 month old female puppy mounted him today! At another point, Loki went to get a drink of water, and had a German Shepard humping him, while Mr. Blue humped the German Shepard….Why????

Is it the way his butt sashays when he walks? I know he is extremely handsome, could that be it? Do dogs recognize beauty in other dogs?


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