Posted by: bernernewf | January 6, 2009

Warrior’s I’m Painting it Blue….Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue is our Newfoundland dog.  He was born January 20, 2007.  Someone has a birthday coming up!  He will be 2!  Mr. Blue was supposed to be a visitor for a few days, a playmate for Loki, but we all ended up falling in love with him–a very easy thing to do with a Newfie!  So he is now ours!  Mr. Blue’s breeder called him Mr. Blue, because that was his collar color at birth…we decided just to keep that as his name, because everyone seemed to like it, and he responds to it.  We mostly call him Blue, or Bluebeary.  He is a big giant marshmallow of a dog!  Words can not describe how sweet and gentle he is, as a Newfoundland should be.  I do work on some training with him, not as much as I do Loki….it is a bit of a challenge training an older dog versus a very young puppy.  My goal for him is a CGC, and hopefully Water Dog title and Draft Dog title through the Newfoundland Club of America.  He has very good instincts for the water rescue stuff….just ask my 3 year old son Aiden!  Mr. Blue is positively frantic when Aiden is in the hot tub, especially if he is swimming underwater.  I just wonder what summer will be like with Mr. Blue, with us having a swimming pool and living on the lake!

Fun at Dog Park

Fun at Dog Park


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